5 types of survival shelters that you can build easily

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Shelter becomes the most important element when any emergency arises. You never know when you may need to bug-out andwithout any survival strategies, you may not survive long. Survival shelters are essential in such conditions whether you want to prepare for an emergency or are stranded in an unknown place.

Building Survival shelters

Not every survival shelter is suitable for all types environment. You may be stuck in a forest, desert or a snow-covered mountain and based on that you need to make your shelter. You also need to see if you need the shelter temporarily or for a long-term. Therefore, here are some of the best designs of survival shelters that you can make.

survival shelters

Types of survival shelters

  1. Tarp shelter: A tarp is a large sheet of flexible and waterproof material. If you have a tarp, you can build a quick shelter. However, you need to find a good base location and check out for the wind direction.
  2. Tipi Tarp shelter: You need some ropes and poles along with your tarp, and you can build a safe haven. Place the poles however you want and fasten with ropes to strengthen the hold.
  3. Debris shelter: The best way to save time is to find a shelter already present. It can be a burrow or a hollow trunk. When you do not have a tarp, you can use the natural shades. To add protection and comfort, you can use branches and leaves.
  4. Snow cave: In areas with snow, you can dig out a hole in the snow and get in. It acts as an insulating agent by trapping your body heat which saves you from the outside cold.
  5. Dug out shelter:You can make this shelterif you find yourself stranded in a desert. As you will not find many trees or water near you, make sure you make your refuge in a favorable

The above shelters are easy to build and do not require much time. Based on your situation you can keep on adding features. Surviving an emergency is not easy. But if you know how to build survival shelters you have the chance of defending yourself against the hostile environment.



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