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Teachers Entertaining Computer Games to Impart Learning to Students

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Computer Games in Classrooms:

Education system is continuously undergoing rapid improvements with the intent of increasing the standard and imparting more and better knowledge to the students. Games and Education has always known to be the opposite poles. Especially games played with computers called as computer games, were strictly kept out of the classrooms and from studies.

With the recent researches and studies, it has been found that computer games are proved to beneficial in imparting various life lessons and other qualities which are critical for the students where those cannot be imparted through textbooks and in classrooms. As part of this, many of the teachers are now encouraging their students to play computer games in the classroom.

The following lists some of the reasons of the entry of computer games into the classrooms.

Learning with Fun:

Textbooks and lectures do not have the capability to gain the attention of tiny minds for longer duration of time. Games are known to be friends with the students since their inception, hence learning imparted in the form of games makes the learning easy and fun in an efficient way. Games have the ability to gain the attention of students for a longer span of time with interest which is critical for any type of learning especially Education.

Acquiring Critical Skills with Computer Games:

Some of the life critical skills which are not imparted through lecture or text books can be easily acquired with computer games. The following are some of the critical skills which are acquired by the students through computer gaming.

  • Ability to make faster decision
  • Spontaneous & Critical Thinking
  • Better co-ordination between hand and eye
  • Creativity
  • Sportsmanship
  • Active state of mind
  • Memory development
  • Learning from past mistakes

These skills are not imparted in textbooks but can be learned and improved through variety of good games.

In addition, gamer like vocabulary builder, encourage the students to learn a variety of new words along with their meaning which when learnt in a practical application sentence, will be in memory of the children forever.

Learning new language or a concept will always be like learning a new game for the students, where the students have the tendency and capacity to concentrate more carefully in a field which interests them. One important factor which the teachers should make sure is that whatever the game being brought into the class room should interesting as well as informative to the students.

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Factors Attributed to the Success of Digital Games

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Gaming with Computers:

Computer games or digital games has gained so much popularity especially in the last decade and has attracted attention of not just the children but it is interesting enough to keep even the adults tightened in their seat. There are various reasons attributed to the success of the computer games and their popularity and the gaming industry itself is making a huge business in today’s digital world.

Factors Contributing to the Success of Computer Games:

The rapid popularity and success of the computer games, can be attributed to the following factors.

Learning Through Games:

Various studies and researches has shown that, computer games teach the player various good attributes such as critical thinking, fast decision making ability and spontaneous problem solving ability. In addition, computer games teach the flavor of success and the individuals who play the games would try to excel in their field and master them so that they can be the leader in their field. In addition, the computer games are also known to capture the attention span of the players for a longer duration of time.

Other common benefits of computer game include keeping the mind state of the computer game players in an active state, better hand to eye co-ordination, and better decision making capacity and most importantly they help the players to learn from the mistakes made and keeping them aware of not to repeat them in the future, which is very essential and important quality to be followed in life as well.

The Business with Computer Games:

Many of the digital games are played professionally, which can be used to earn a handsome money if the player masters in that. In addition, various organizations also employ the gaming hackers, where the hacking can be efficiently done only with a professional and highly skilled gamer in that category. This helps the computer gamers to choose a profession in the gaming industry which makes life more easy and interesting.

The Motivation for New Inventions:

Among various programs running in the computer, it is the video games which uses the full potential of the underlying hardware and the RAM capacity to leverage the full power of computers. It is this reason, that motivated the lower end computers to expand its hardware and software capability which in turn paved for the advancement in the computer revolution. The modern day computers are very much advanced with high configurations to cope with all levels of digital games.

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