Experience in IMAX cinema with a huge projection

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To define IMAX, we have to mention that, 35mm standard film is having ten times less size of theimage. IMAX has a technique of widescreen photography. Http://hirek.tv  is the link you can get more details. It has a history also; where it shows adesire to increase the impact visually. In the Expo of 1967, in Montreal, they have used multi-screen systems and multi-projector also.

History behind IMAX

The single projector has more impact on screen, as per technicality of that period. They have purchased one Rolling loop technology related to film transport from a person called Peter Ronald Wright Jones. A company is named as Multiscreen, which is later changed to IMAX.

The first IMAX movie is Tiger child, during 1970 Expo, which is being demonstrated. Ontario in Toronto in CinesphereIMAX is installed. During 1974in Washington, at the US pavilion, first independent IMAX is established. IMAX 3D was built in Spokane. It was made the first IMAX which is outdoor screen in US pavilion; hike.tv is the part of that.


Define IMAX

IMAX means theginormous screen, though it is always greater. Basically, a company is technically strong and also having movie theater configuration. This is also a type of camera and film. The most interesting fact is IMAX means image maximum. IMAX movies are tied up with criteria that IMAX camera can be used.

While watching amovie in IMAX movie, it can be easily said, which movie is being shot by IMAX camera? While watching it in aconventionaltheater, the entire scene cannot be watched, as theletterboxed off on the top. The film usually runs keeping projectors cameras run sideway.

During 1971 a theater is established, which is permanent.All types of films including commercial and experimentalfilms. Visit http://hirek.tv, for any kind information.


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