Fake Urine solution V/S cleansing drinks

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The U.S states are still not in 100% agreement about the use of Marijuana. There are close to 28 states that have legalized the use of this drug, but there are many others which are still not convinced. The use of the drug, however, is highly common. There are many who are fighting and supporting the use of the marijuana which is considered herbal. The situation had lead to confusion and many laws that are in existence are not equipped with the situation. These old laws work on all drugs use in a similar manner which means that a simple herbal drug might lead to severe consequences. This leads to the use of cleansing drinks or fake urine(sub solution).

 Cleansing drinks

These drinks are designed to detox the system by flushing out all unwanted elements. They clear the body and claims to be sure of the results. The drinks take some time to work and they are often marketed as the best solution in case of an employment health test. These are easily available on the counter and sold online.


best fake urine


Fake Urine

Fake urine does not involve consumption of any element. They come in a sample sub solution that’s should be substituted during the test. The Fake urine looks and is created just like original urine and has been through the test. The results are thus 100% guaranteed to be in favor. The use of fake urine also is external and thus do not lead to any health-related issues.

The users of both have suggested that there is a risk involved the use of cleansing drink as even the smallest of element left in the body may lead to a positive on the test. The stress of the same also is unnecessary and not worth the effort. The fake urine sub solution has been through the test and this generated desired results.

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