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Nowadays, security concerns are a talk of the town as per the crime rates. Every day in the news there are cases of burglary, stealing, personal attacks, bank robbery, shop lifting and much more. On the contrary, to overcome everything, security awareness has been increased with the use of security cameras and security locks. Locksmith Mesa advises using the right type of security locks to protect valuables inside the house or apartment and for personal safety.

People do use the security systems and lock their houses but, what lacks in the current environment is the understanding about the right kind of lock. There is less awareness about which lock should secure what door. This article will explain which type of lock is the best.

locksmith Mesa

Best locking system for doors explained by locksmith Mesa

The exterior door locks, be it sliding or any other sort of, should be hard to open without the keys.And solid enough to sustain breakages and damages against any situations. Locking system for these doors should have keyed cylinder on the outside and thumb turn on the interior part. The lock can only be opened with the keys from the outside. But, for the inside, the thumb turn should do the trick without the use of keys.

Locking system for rooms, bathrooms, and storerooms

Interior door locks should be operational from both ends of the room. The best type of lock for inside is knob lock. It is easy to access, secure enough to provide privacy and good for the house with kids says locksmith Mesa.

Because, when locked from outside it is good enough to keep out unless unlocked with the keys. But, it will open without keys from inside and let the person step outside.

Use these points to be sure of the security of the house and keep everything safe.




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