Why do people go in for critical ops cheats

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Critical ops checks the players skill and dexterity in addition to fast responses. In this, the game play is amazing and that is why so many people are hooked on to this game. Due to this same fact too, there are various Critical ops cheats which have mushroomed all over the place. The reason for the critical ops cheats to surface is that it is a very long drawn process for earning of credits. When there are enough credits earned, the player is rewarded with a 2 tiercamo and that most do not even use.

Another reason for Critical ops cheatsis that when you are ranked, you will only win when your team wins. Therefore, if you have lousy shooters in your team, and you still are the best when it comes to shooting, you will still lose.


critical ops hacks


There are also players that leave their teammates and that causes them from being banned for 2 days or few minutes based on the severity. That is another reason why these critical ops cheats are used by players.

There are also wall hackers. These do not reload. They straight away start shooting again. These people also tend to crouch and prefire when the enemy is about to come around the corner.

There are people also who using cheats and hacks, literally take over the game. That is why people that are very competitive or people that do not want to waste time on initial levels or on legitimately gaining credits use these critical ops cheats.

Whatever be the reason or the logic behind it, whatever be the motive, the main aim is to play to enjoy the game and if that involves a little bit of cheating which does not harm anyone, then it is good. After all it is just a game.

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